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Anacapa Island lies twelve miles off the California coast and includes the Anacapa Island State Marine Reserve (SMR). Akin to all SMRs in the statewide network, no marine resources may be taken from Anacapa Island SMR. With over 10 years of protection within the boundaries of the reserve, marine life flourishes. Giant kelp forests set the stage for an incredible display of marine life. Shoals of fish cover the reef, spiny lobster are found in rocky crevices, seals and sea lions hunt for their next meal, and bat rays fly over the sandy bottom. 

Although this SMR is close to the mainland, persistent monitoring of this important marine environment can be challenging. An M2 system on Anacapa Island will increase our understanding of the overall human use with the SMR, as well as strategic use of enforcement resources.

Deployed in 2023, this rugged and remote location required a newly-designed modular M2, so that the components could be more easily transported to the island and installed. This efficient, on-site assembly is an advancement in M2’s transportable capabilities, which have progressed significantly from an early M2 system deployed to Santa Cruz Island in 2017.

This deployment at Anacapa Island became a reality thanks to our many partners, including the National Park Service, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and California Marine Sanctuary Foundation. We were especially excited to work with partners from the UCSB Marine Science Institute who deployed a high frequency (HF) radar system alongside Anacapa Island’s M2 to monitor coastal currents.

In total, the Anacapa Island M2 will monitor activity in four state- and federally-managed MPAs in addition to the surrounding National Marine Sanctuary, areas that can be difficult to access and observe from the mainland.

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