Isla Maria

Funding Opportunity

Islas Marías is home to the Islas Marías Biosphere Reserve, an internationally recognized designation by UNESCO. The highly productive marine ecosystem supports coral reefs and species like the royal angelfish, sea turtles, and Pacific seahorses. Since the area is isolated from the mainland, the islands serve as a reservoir of native species. Commercial and sport-recreational fishing are restricted, but poachers often visit local waters. M2 deployed here would help defend the islands from this illegal fishing.

M2 partner, Global Conservation, has committed to matching up to one million dollars (USD) in M2 system deployments. At the Islas Marías, Global Conservation is looking for $50,000 - $100,000 in donations to help deploy M2 to strengthen the Mexican government’s conservation efforts on these islands. In addition to funding support for an M2 system, Global Conservation will be committing an additional $300,000 over four years to support law enforcement and patrolling efforts for Islas Marías. 

If you or someone you know might like to help us secure this generous donation, please email Any amount helps us get closer to helping partners around the world protect their important marine places.

Donation Opportunities

After clicking the donate button, please select 'Anthropocene Inst 2105' from the designation drop down list on the Tides Foundation donation page. In the 'I want my donation to be dedicated' box, enter 'M2' and the deployment location you would like to support. For other donation options, please review this form or email