San Basilio, Mexico

M2 Deployed Here!

An M2 system here monitors vessel traffic in the bay adjacent to the property and assist in conservation efforts to ensure the protection and conservation of the marine ecosystem. San Basilio is located in the central ecoregion of the Gulf of California, a transitional area where the constant influence of high productivity driven by colder waters meets warm oligotrophic waters. These very particular oceanographic conditions make San Basilio an important area for interconnectivity of biological life. Currently, tourism is putting considerable pressure on the coastal habitats near San Basilio, and overfishing, through both industrial harvest and unsustainable take of top predators (e.g., sharks and groupers), is adversely affecting the marine ecosystems. The installation of the M2 system will help monitor this area and support local efforts to improve conservation and sustainable fishing efforts within the region. 

The M2 system was deployed in 2023, making it the fourth Marine Monitor in the Baja California region. Located on a remote mountainside, the system will monitor a sensitive coastal area and bay off the Gulf of California. A special thank you to the Alumbra Foundation, the local San Basilio team, Global Conservation, and Pronatura Noroeste.

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