Hardware Configuration

To use the M2 software, users will need to acquire equipment that has been certified to work with the software

Mobile Marine Monitor (M3) Off-Grid System

Available Packages

  • Easy-to-use software to view radar system data anywhere in the world through the M2 Viewer cloud based user interface. M2 Viewer provides 24/7 real time surveillance of vessel activity, historical playback tracks, customized security zones, alarm notifications via SMS or Email, and daily; weekly; and monthly reports

  • M2 Cloud Viewer software integrated with the M2 Control Center and Furuno DRS25ANXT antennas to autonomously track up to 200 small targets (5 meters in length) out to 5nm from shore. The M2 Control Center integrates radar with an AIS sensor to overlay AIS info on tracks. This package also provides 24/7 remote management and control of system hardware.

  • The M2 Control Center deployed with integrated daytime pan-tilt camera*. Camera autonomously tracks and photographs up to 30 targets at one time. Photographs are displayed with track data on the on M2 Cloud Viewer and can be controlled and managed remotely. Includes local and cloud video and photo storage and management.

    * Night-time camera integration available at additional cost 

  • M2 Control Center deployed in weather-proofed trailer with 20’ - 30' telescoping mast and robust off-grid power system for remote deployments. The compact system integrates all of the required sensors needed for a full system deployment and has been shipped around the world via ocean freight and can be towed via a lightweight pickup truck. Once on site, these systems can be deployed and collecting data in as little as 2-hours.

Mobile Marine Monitor (M3) Off-Grid System

M2 Viewer

Software used to view radar system data

Radar Antenna

Furuno DRS25ANXT Radar Antenna

AIS Sensor

Shakespeare 4' Galaxy AIS VHF Antenna.

Remote Communication

Satellite, Microwave, Starlink or 3G/4G/LTE Antenna


CostarHD RISE 4260HD Series pan tilt camera

Telescoping Mast

Custom built 20 - 30' aluminum telescoping mast built by Flotograph Technologies and designed specifically for harsh marine environments.

Mobile/ Road Transportable

Compact configuration can be shipped internationally via ocean freight and transported via lightweight pick up truck and helicopter.

Mobile Solar MS-200

Off-grid power system custom built by Mobile Solar in California. Power system includes 30kWh Battery, Outback Inverter and charge control. And incorporates the M2 Control Center with a workspace inside the trailer.

2.2 kW Retractable Solar Array

Oversized solar array to accommodate additional sensors and provide up to 5-days of autonomy regardless of weather conditions.

M2 is an End to End Solution

  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring out to 5 Nautical Miles

    Low cost solution to provide 24/7 situational awareness of the nearshore marine environment regardless of time of day or weather conditions.

  • Strategic Engagement

    Customized alerts and reports based on human use patterns for calculated mission planning.

  • 100% Autonomous and Remotely Operated

    Operates without human involvement and can be controlled, managed, and operated anywhere in the world.

  • Technical Support

    Remote support from experienced marine management practitioners, anytime you need it.

M2 System Deployments

In Progress
Funding Opportunities

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