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M2 is a software solution that works with off-the-shelf radars to provide 24/7 situational awareness of nearshore marine environments anywhere in the world

M2 Overview

ProtectedSeas Marine Monitor (M2) software improves coastal vessel monitoring through affordable, easy-to-use technology that enhances the protection of marine resources. Via the M2 Viewer, users can remotely access M2 data from the internet to view site activity in real-time; playback recorded vessel tracks for further analysis; and view reports of vessel activity based on location and time of day.
M2 Overview

M2 Software Features

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and data collection
  • Strategic engagement with vessels in restricted areas
  • Increased protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems
  • Saves time and money
  • Technical support from experienced marine-management practitioners

Key Features

Easy-to-use interface providing online access for:

  • Detection of small boats out to 5 miles
  • Live view and playback of recorded tracks
  • Filtered search capabilities for data analysis
  • Customizable security and exclusion zones with alarms sent via SMS or email
  • Automated reporting of activity based on time-of-day and location
  • Integration with infrared and daylight pan-tilt cameras for vessel identification
  • Raw radar overlay over maps and charts for analysis of faint signals
  • AIS integration including automatic track association with radar targets
  • Full access and control of remotely deployed systems
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) used to reduce false targets and increase target confidence
  • Optional integration with the Mobile Marine Monitor (M3) platform, an off-grid transportable trailer system for remote area deployments


M2 System Deployments

In Progress
Funding Opportunities

M2 is an End to End Solution

  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring out to 5 Nautical Miles

    Low cost solution to provide 24/7 situational awareness of the nearshore marine environment regardless of time of day or weather conditions.

  • Strategic Engagement

    Customized alerts and reports based on human use patterns for calculated mission planning.

  • 100% Autonomous and Remotely Operated

    Operates without human involvement and can be controlled, managed, and operated anywhere in the world.

  • Technical Support

    Remote support from experienced marine management practitioners, anytime you need it.

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