Why M2

Monitor the marine environment efficiently and effectively with M2!

  • Real-Time Data

    Vessel track data recorded by M2 systems at remote deployment sites can be monitored and analyzed by users from anywhere in the world with the M2 Cloud Viewer or M2 Mobile app.
    Real-Time Data
  • Detect

    M2 autonomously detects and stores all nearshore vessel activity regardless if vessels have transponders on board or not. Users can create custom alerts based on vessel speed and time within a defined area. The system autonomously takes photos of vessels based on radar data to validate and identify activity. M2 filters false targets with artificial intelligence to increase precision.
  • Understand

    Easily analyze tracks through automatically produced daily, weekly, and monthly reports or create custom reports through the M2 Viewer to identify hotspots and patterns of human use activity.
  • Act

    Use data collected from M2 as supporting evidence for violations and patrol more efficiently with increased understanding of when and where vessels are within the marine area of interest.

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