Santa Barbara Island, California

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Despite their proximity to heavily populated areas along the southern California coast, the Channel Islands remain relatively remote and support a high level of biodiversity. For example, Santa Barbara Island is home to 11 species of nesting seabirds, a sea lion rookery, and many invertebrates such as the California spiny lobster.

Santa Barbara Island is nearly 38 miles off the coast of California, which makes it challenging and resource-intensive to monitor fishing activity around the adjacent no-take reserve. The recent deployment of M2 on Anacapa Island, located forty miles north of Santa Barbara Island, highlights the usefulness of remote monitoring in determining the best times to make the trip to the island. An M2 system on Santa Barbara Island would help provide the same capability – ultimately helping protect a unique and diverse ecosystem.

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After clicking the donate button, please select 'Anthropocene Inst 2105' from the designation drop down list on the Tides Foundation donation page. In the 'I want my donation to be dedicated' box, enter 'M2' and the deployment location you would like to support. For other donation options, please review this form or email

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