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One of the critical factors for MPA effectiveness is compliance with environmental and fishing regulations, which may be increased by effective surveillance and enforcement. This involves: (a) the capacity to detect irregular activities that occur within the protected marine territory, (b) the capacity of MPA authorities to respond to irregular activities, and (c) the collaboration of MPA stakeholders to expand surveillance coverage and promote a culture of legality among local and visiting users.

With the objective to increase surveillance capacity in MPAs of NW Mexico, in June 2018 Pronatura Noroeste (PNO) deployed the first Marine Monitor (M2) system in México in the Cabo Pulmo National Park. The M2 system integrates a long-range camera, a radar and a software that work together 24/7/365 to detect, monitor and evaluate the navigation pattern of all vessels operating in a 50 km range from the radar. Irregular patterns are reported automatically in real-time, guiding patrol boats to suspicious vessels without the need and cost of patrolling the entire MPA territory by boat.

In April 2019 we installed an M2 system in the Loreto port facility, in Baja California Sur. This M2 unit provides 24/7/365 automatic radar surveillance in the east-central portion of the Loreto National Park. A response protocol was designed and agreed upon to coordinate actions between enforcement agencies, so detections of vessels showing fishing-like navigation patterns within the no-take zones are intercepted and inspected by the joint patrols by the Mexican Navy, the MPA authority, and the fishing and environmental authorities.

In May 2023, a Mobile Marine Monitor (M3) was deployed to the area to expand coverage and allow authorities to autonomously monitor more remote areas in Baja California Sur.

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