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Zooming in on MPAs

Posted by M2 Team

April 15, 2024

Stationary cameras programmed to capture images are a common practice for environmental monitoring. M2 extends this technique by autonomously panning and zooming to the location of vessels provided by radar to document how humans are using areas in and around MPAs. By harnessing this capability, M2 collects more detailed images that managers can use to further understand vessel activity. The zoom capability and image resolution vary with different camera models used with M2, but the minimum expected ranges are below.

  • Within 1 nautical mile: Identify the vessel and activity
  • Within 3 nautical miles: Recognize vessel type
  • Within 5 nautical miles: Detect vessel presence

Note: M2 exclusively observes public marine spaces of specific interest to managers. Data access is strictly limited to approved users.


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